Atlanta standard King Toure successfully underwent right leg tendon surgery this summer, and Italian media predicted to return in 2024.

Live broadcast on August 25, Atlanta club officially announced that new aid forward Bilel Toure successfully underwent right leg tendon surgery in Barcelona, Spain.

The official website of Atlanta announced: “Atlanta announced that Bilel Toure successfully underwent surgery on August 24, 2023 to repair the fracture of the proximal attachment of the right thigh femoral rectal muscle tendon. The operation was successfully completed by Dr. Ramon Cugat in Quirón Salud hospital in Barcelona. The players immediately began the rehabilitation course.”

21-year-old Bilel Toure is a Mali striker. Atlanta spent 28 million euros to sign him from Almeria this summer, which made him the king of Atlanta this summer. Italian Sky Sports said Bilel Toure was not expected to return until 2024.

(Su erhu)

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