Beiqing: the national football team once again entered the “impact World Cup time” Jankovic reported to the Football Association today

Live broadcast on August 25 according to the report of Beijing Youth Daily, the national football coach Jankovic has gone to the Chinese Football Association this morning to report on the preparations for the national team’s FIFA World Cup qualification.

After more than two weeks off in Europe, Jankovic returned to China on August 18, Beijing time. Later, accompanied by Chinese coaches Shao Jiayi, Zheng Zhi and others, he watched the 23rd round of the focus battle of the Chinese Super League in Beijing, where Beijing Guoan played against Shanghai Shenhua at home. After that, Jankovic went to Shanghai again to watch the Asian Championship play-off match between the harbor and batun United on the 23rd. After this stage of investigation work, Jankovic will be held this weekend, that is, the last round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League (the 24th round) before and after the end, a list of players in the September training and warm-up lineup of about 24 people was officially drawn.

Since the national football team will embark on the journey of FIFA World Cup qualification in 2026 in the second half of this year, and before the start of the top 36, there were only two training sessions and four warm-up matches in September and October, therefore, the national football coach team with Jankovic as the coach has begun to refine the preparation plan for the second half of this year according to the results of the group draw for the top 36 games, and the warm-up plan is also in the process of implementation. It was also because of the important task of preparing for the war in fifa world cup qualification that jankovic rushed to the office of the chinese football association on the 25th and reported to the relevant leaders of the association about the team’s next preparation work plan.

A day ago, He Xiaofeng, who was in charge of the business work of the China team of the Association and the head of the financial department of the China Football Association, accompanied the same member of the leadership of the Association to Chengdu, which was the new phase of national football training, the warm-up alternative competition place communicated with the head of relevant local departments on the competition. It can be said that all aspects of the preparation work of the national football team for the FIFA World Cup qualification of 2026 have been quietly launched.

At present, the opponents of the two warm-up matches in September have been confirmed as Malaysia team and Syria. As for the warm-up opponents of the national football team in October, at present, the Chinese Football Association tends to invite the Uzbekistan team and the Vietnamese team. It should be noted that due to various objective factors, whether the national football match in September can be finally carried out in Chengdu remains to be officially confirmed.

Although there is news that Xi’an, which has a gold medal market, is expected to host the national football match in October, but up to now, relevant communication work is still in progress. It is reported that the Chinese Football Association may arrange the home court of the October fever and the November 36 strong matches in the same place, which is convenient for the National Football to adapt to the home court environment of FIFA World Cup qualification. Besides Xi’an city, Chongqing city and other city football management departments with high quality conditions also expressed their willingness to run the competition to the Chinese Football Association. Therefore, the selection of competition sites will certainly lead to fierce competition. Relevant Persons of the association also said that the relevant work has not yet produced the final result.


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