Trosard: It’s hard to say which team can win the championship. You don’t know what will happen in a season.

Live broadcast on August 25 recently, Arsenal player trosard was interviewed and talked about the team, coach Aalter Tower and other related topics.

Speaking of the team, trosard said, “it’s like home. When you come to this building, everyone will take care of you. You can ask them all the questions, this feeling is very good.”

“Haffitz, tinber and rice are all great additions to Rosters. They have brought us some competitiveness, so everyone should perform well in the competition. Here are some great young men. I’m glad they can be here.”

Speaking of new aid rice, trosard said: “He can help us in a way we have never seen before. He is a very good guy. Since the day he joined here, I will help him adapt to the environment here. From that day on, we have a good connection. He is a top player and a teammate who is easy to talk to. We get along well.”

Speaking of the outlook for the Champions League this season, trozard said: “We will definitely add some new strength in different competitions. I feel that we have become stronger.”

When it comes to coach Aalter Tower, trozard said: “He is a tactical magician, and his ability to watch the game at the technical level is amazing. He has helped us a lot in how we organize, how to stand and run, and how to play football in different positions.”

Trozard also talked about the competition for the Premier League title: “We are full of respect for Manchester City’s achievements last season. We know their performance in the Premier League, but it depends on our own performance. We have a strength of strong contingent. If we can make the right competition plan and play the best level, we can challenge Manchester City. It is hard to say who will enter the championship competition, because there will be a long process during this period. You never know what will happen in a season.”

“I think Liverpool and Chelsea have signed some good players, but we want to win every match, which is our mentality to enter the match. In the end, we will see where we can reach.”

Finally, when it comes to his goal in the Community Shield Cup to help the team catch up the balance, trozard emphasized the efforts of all the teams and expressed his determination to contribute more to the team: “This is a good thing for myself, the club and the fans.”


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