All: foot suppot of the former French countries sued the old Mexican tiger and demanded compensation of 12 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 25 according to the report of Turin sports newspaper, French striker Towan sued the old Mexican tiger and claimed 12 million euros.

Towan, 30, once played in Lille, Marseille, Newcastle and other clubs, and won the 2018 World Cup championship with the French national team. In 2021, Towan joined the Mexican tiger club, but on January this year, the Mexican Tiger announced that he would cancel the contract with Towan, and then Towan joined the Serie A team Udinese.

Torwan has sued the Mexican tiger club in the international sports arbitration court and asked the other party to pay 12 million euros, said torwan. The WanHeDa Mexican tiger has 27 months left to terminate the contract. The Mexican Tiger Club said that there was a special clause in Towan’s contract. If the contract was unilaterally terminated, only three months’ salary would be paid as compensation. However, Towan’s lawyer did not agree with this statement and asked Mexican Tigers to pay 12 million euros in salary for the remaining 24 months.

(Su erhu)

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